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Head of US Crop Protection Field Development Named Purdue University Distinguished Agriculture Alumnus

Gordon Vail received recognition for his many contributions to Syngenta and continued involvement with Purdue over his 28-year career.

Purdue University recently presented Gordon Vail, Ph.D., head of U.S. Crop Protection Field Development at Syngenta, with a Distinguished Agriculture Alumnus (DAA) award. Vail received his doctorate in botany and plant pathology from Purdue.

“When I was on campus receiving the award, I discovered that Vern Hawkins — Syngenta Crop Protection president and North American region director — is also a past recipient of the Purdue DAA, so receiving this award certainly puts me in elite company,” Gordon says.

The nominating committee recognized Vail for his many contributions to Syngenta and legacy companies over his 28-year career. The committee also selected Vail because of his continued investment in Purdue, noting that he visits campus for an annual research update hosted by the Purdue Weed Science group.

“When returning to campus, he can be counted on to interact with faculty and students, offer professional guidance on projects, and perhaps mention that his resume still proudly notes that he was a coach and member of Purdue’s first-place team at the 1993 North Central Graduate Student Weed Contest,” the awards committee wrote.