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Meet the Farm Stars

Meet the prominent farmers sharing their stories on social media. Check out their channels to learn about their challenges and solutions this season.

Mary Pat Sass faces the sits in a field on her farm and smiles

Mary Pat Sass

Instagram: @marypat.sass
Facebook: @marypatsass

Mary Pat Sass farms with her husband in Illinois. Sass Family Farms grows corn, soybeans and winter wheat. She shares updates on her Instagram and YouTube channels about the “why and how” behind their farm operations.

Crop rotation and seed treatments have been a big part of their Sudden Death Syndrome prevention program. In 2021, Sass will share updates on her experience using Saltro® fungicide seed treatment to protect their soybean crop using the #SaltroChallenge hashtag.

“We started planting soybeans much earlier this year than I can ever remember us doing in the past. The weather warmed up fast; the soil was right; and we felt confident in our Saltro-treated seeds’ ability to withstand early-season stressors.”


Levi and Jena Oschner of Double O Farms stand in a grain cart, holding out handfuls of corn and smile at the cameraJena and Levi Ochsner

Instagram: @doubleo.farms
Facebook: @doubleofarms.nebraska

Jena and Levi Ochsner operate Double O Farms near Sutton, Nebraska. They focus on corn, soybeans and Angus cattle. Jena documents the fun and the challenges of farm life through the Double O Farms blog and social media.

The Ochsners began using Acuron® corn herbicide about six years ago, and it’s become their preferred herbicide on more than 250 corn acres. Use the #FindMoreBushels hashtag to see more of their story.

“Without good control, weeds can quickly start to overtake a field and have a detrimental impact on yield and profitability. We’ve been using the trusty herbicide Acuron from @SyngentaUs on our corn acres since 2015, and we continue to have great weed control!”


Alex Rusch kneels between rows of corn and inspects a stalkAlex Rusch

Instagram: @lr_rusch_farms
Facebook: L&R Rusch Farms
YouTube: L&R Rusch Farms

Alex Rusch’s family farm in Illinois has been in operation for almost 100 years and currently produces corn, soybeans and wheat. He thrives on improving his processes from year to year and learning about new ways to increase his yield potential.

Rusch trialed Acuron® corn herbicide for the first time in 2020. Acuron managed some of the toughest weeds on his farm, and this year, he will apply it again and document its performance using the #FindMoreBushels hashtag.

“[I] heard Acuron has some great ingredients, like bicyclopyrone and mesotrione, that perform better in heavier soil types like what we have in our Illinois ground.”


Jenny Weg smiles at the cameraJenny Weg

Instagram: @mrsjennyweg
Facebook: The Faithful Farming Family

Jenny Weg and her family share their farming journey from their operation in Iowa. They grow commercial corn and soybeans and tend their Holstein cattle. The family works hard and plays hard, showing the fun and dedication of farm life.

Weg will apply Acuron® corn herbicide in 2021. She cites occasional issues with weed control in past programs and will share her experience with Acuron using the #FindMoreBushels hashtag.