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Turning the Page

As the print edition of Thrive magazine sunsets, a digital transformation of the publication is on the horizon.

During the 16 years since Syngenta launched Thrive, American farmers and their agricultural partners have taken giant steps toward feeding, fueling and clothing an ever-changing world with greater efficiency and success. Many of the people, relationships and technologies that spurred such unprecedented growth have appeared in Thrive® magazine.

This issue is no exception. On the pages that follow, you’ll learn about the hidden cost of weeds and the benefits of aerial fungicide applications. You’ll also discover best practices for introducing new products on your farm and gain better understanding why succession planning is paramount to safeguarding your family’s future.


Syngenta understands that you deserve nothing less than our best and brightest to help illuminate the exciting road ahead.

Susan Fisher Founding Editor of Syngenta Thrive Magazine

As one of the magazine’s founding editors, I can honestly say that sharing these quarterly informational journeys with you — our loyal readers — has been one of the greatest professional honors of my life. Since 2007, you’ve welcomed the stories we thought you’d like to hear into your homes and offices. And, sometimes, when you allowed us to tell your story, you were the featured hero in print whose talents and hard work positively impacted your community and set the stage for a better tomorrow.

But, over the years, like the industry on which it reports, Thrive has advanced technologically and is poised to turn the page to a more robust, easily accessible digital-only format. While this inevitable transformation marks the end of the print magazine, its companion website,, will build on its success with more breaking news, stories from the farm, videos and interactive content — all readily available to you on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Admittedly, saying goodbye to Thrive print magazine this quarter is bittersweet for those of us who helped bring its pages to life. But a new day is dawning for, with an editorial and creative team that is more committed than ever to delivering the information you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced, complex marketplace. After all, Syngenta understands that you deserve nothing less than our best and brightest to help illuminate the exciting road ahead.