Field Insights

Benefits of a Proactive Fungicide Application

Expert shares insights into the impact of yearly fungicide applications on corn diseases like tar spot, yield and investment potential.

Tyler Harp, Ph.D., technical product lead for row crop fungicides at Syngenta , was recently interviewed by Joel Penhorwood, farm broadcaster at Ohio Ag Net, to share his tips for corn and soybean fields in 2024.

Here is a summary of Harp’s recommendations:

  • The days of making situational decisions about fungicide applications are over, no matter how wet or dry the season becomes.
  • Instead, plan on applying a fungicide with long-lasting disease control and plant-health benefits, like Miravis® Neo, Miravis® Top and Trivapro® fungicides, each year. This practice will help protect your corn and soybeans regardless of factors like anticipated weather conditions or the severity of diseases, like tar spot.
  • Years of data from across the corn belt show that yearly fungicide applications are one of the best ways to protect your investment potential.
  • Evidence from dry years like 2020 and very wet years like 2021 show that fungicides support yield preservation in both wet and dry conditions.
  • In 2023, growers who used Syngenta fungicides saw excellent results at harvest.

Steady growth in the number of fungicide-treated corn acres over the last two decades is a testament to the consistency and value of plant-health fungicides.

For more information about the benefits and tips for the proper timing of fungicide applications, listen to the full interview here.