Field Insights

Control Soybean Insects with Better Residual

An enhanced insecticide formulation offers soybean growers another tool to help control pests.

Insects such as soybean aphids and stink bugs are a common problem for soybean growers, and without proper management, they can quickly eat up yields. Now that chlorpyrifos-based products can no longer be used due to updated Environmental Protection Agency guidance, some growers may find themselves without a solution.

Endigo® ZCX insecticide offers soybean growers another tool to help them control these pests. It contains thiamethoxam and lambda-cyhalothrin. These complementary modes of action provide broad-spectrum control of key Northern and Southern soybean pests, including pyrethroid-resistant pests and invasive species. The enhanced formulation contains 30% more active ingredient per acre versus previous Endigo formulations, providing fast knockdown and longer residual activity.