Field Insights

Cropwise Sustainability App Helps Measure Regenerative Ag

Farmers validate and improve practices that support their land and livelihoods with the help of an app.

For farmers, preserving and protecting our natural resources is a priority. Whether referred to as “sustainability” or “regenerative ag”, the goal is clear: enhancing productivity and profitability while nurturing and restoring soil health and protecting climate, water resources and biodiversity.

The Cropwise Sustainability app is an innovative mobile app that helps measure regenerative ag practices through a range of techniques, enabling better decision-making. This free tool assesses farm management practices, benchmarks them within a given crop or geography, and identifies opportunities using the Sustainable Outcome in Agriculture Standard created by Syngenta.

“This benchmark ability is important because it meets farmers where they are and gives them meaningful insights they can act on,” says Trent Wimmer, Key Account Sustainability Lead at Syngenta. “Cropwise Sustainability opens doors for people who are looking to start or want to better understand best practices and decisions that impact regenerative ag.”

Cropwise Sustainability allows farmers to participate at the farm level. The app asks users to answer a series of questions and delivers measured outcomes. The process takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

Growers work at their own pace and identify outcome-based practices to achieve their goals. Giving growers meaningful insights into their farm’s regenerative ag information helps them see where they lead and where they lag, providing insights for operational improvement. This entry point is perfect for growers who are ‘conservation curious.’

“Regenerative ag is the new era of agriculture as it takes the best of conventional farming and the best of soil health and biodiversity, and melds them together,” Wimmer says. “This type of data validates what farmers are doing and verifies they’re doing the right things to improve climate resilience and help maximize yields.”