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Economic Sustainability Is Essential to Farms

The AgriEdge whole-farm management system is integral to planning and helps growers make data-driven decisions faster.

Your farm data is worth a lot, but how do you extract that value to lower your cost per bushel and farm more sustainably and profitably?

“Farmers are the original environmentalists, but we’re also the original economists,” says no-till farmer Matt Moreland of Medford, Oklahoma, who raises corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton with his three sons.

Moreland operated out of spiral notebooks until converting to AgriEdge® in 2014. With the computerized system from Syngenta, Moreland enters land rental rates, taxes, crop input products and costs, equipment costs, labor costs, and more to track profitability by field. With AgriEdge, Moreland says, “it’s easy to generate reports to figure variable-rate prescriptions, adjust seeding and fertilizer rates, and run projections.”


Farmers are the original environmentalists, but we’re also the original economists.

Matt Moreland Farmer, Medford, Oklahoma

The key for farmers is to use a system that helps them make data-driven decisions faster. “We can drill down into tillage passes, crop protection applications and more to help growers realize greater field-level profitability and sustainability by placing the right products in the right place at the right rates,” says Patrick Thompson, an AgriEdge specialist with Syngenta.

Data is secure in AgriEdge, and the program includes highly responsive support service, Moreland adds. “AgriEdge is an integral part of our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning.”