Field Insights

Grow More Experience Sites Serve as Outdoor Classrooms

The demonstration sites are living, local laboratories, filled with a wide variety of crops, technical experts and product trials.

“Unique.” “Educational.” “Relevant.” These are some of the most common words visitors have used to describe Grow More Experience sites in recent follow-up surveys. Since 2013, Syngenta has designed the sites to showcase its crop-protection and seed technologies, including NK® corn and soybeans. The sites also provide opportunities for attendees to engage in conversations about local agronomic practices that can help improve crop productivity. This year, Syngenta will continue the momentum by highlighting innovative solutions and practical advice that site visitors can use to secure a more promising future for their farms and businesses.

Local Point of View

With more than 80 locations across the U.S., Syngenta strategically selects Grow More Experience sites in areas based on geographically specific crops, weather, climate and pest patterns.

“We know each customer has a different in-season experience,” says Mike Moss, Ph.D., head of technical development at Syngenta. “Instead of offering one-size-fits-all solutions, our agronomic experts are there to listen and provide the best localized options for our customers.”

The sites’ purpose is to educate visitors on what they can do to continue to help mitigate pest issues and reach maximum yield. This process involves site leads discussing and comparing the top products in the industry, including competitors’.

“I was amazed by the fungicide trials, which compared almost everything on the market,” says Mike Feig, a crop consultant from Illinois, who visited the Grow More Experience site in Rend Lake, Illinois. “When a company normally does something like this, it’s biased. But at Grow More Experience sites, you can see the difference for yourself.”