Field Insights

New Winter Wheat Varieties

New varieties address regional challenges to a successful harvest.

For the 2016-2017 season, Syngenta has introduced seven new AgriPro® brand winter wheat varieties, each designed to address specific regional needs. They are listed below by category, along with the geographies where each will perform best.

  • Soft red winter varieties:
    • SY 100 has an excellent combination of high performance, high yield, and superior milling and baking qualities. (Upper Corn Belt and Mid-Atlantic regions)
    • SY Viper has a medium-early maturity, broad adaptability and a strong disease package. (Midsouth and East Coast regions)
  • Soft white winter varieties:
    • SY 944 delivers grain with excellent milling and baking qualities due to its test weight and high grain yield. (Michigan and New York)
    • SY Assure has good straw strength and a strong disease-tolerance package. (High-rainfall and irrigated production areas in Idaho, Washington and Oregon)
  • Hard red winter varieties:
    • SY Flint has high-end yield potential, good disease tolerance, and excellent test weight and straw strength. (Dryland and irrigated acres in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas)
    • SY Sunrise has excellent test weight and good winter hardiness and disease tolerance to cereal rust. (Western High Plains)
    • SY Touchstone has shown good winter hardiness and snow mold tolerance. (High-rainfall or irrigated production areas in Idaho, Washington and Oregon)