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Protect Your Citrus from Root to Fruit

Managing citrus groves to their highest potential requires consistent disease protection starting at the root.

Full-season citrus crop protection starts with the roots. It could take years to see  disease symptoms on the surface of the citrus tree, as many pathogens begin their destruction in the root systems. By the time symptoms are visible, citrus tree health and production levels are diminished.

Disease-spreading pathogens like Phytophthora can be silent killers, stealing water and nutrients from your trees, leaving them tired — especially younger trees. Phytophthora root rot damage begins below the soil, then extends through root systems to ultimately affect the entire tree. Phytophthora species are prolific spore producers that spread damaging diseases including root rot, foot rot and brown rot. Devastatingly, it may unintentionally be introduced and re-introduced through water sources every year, making annual soil testing imperative.

A strong and healthy fibrous root system is essential to overall tree health and productivity, so active management of Phytophthora root rot is essential. The symptoms commonly seen above ground include yellowing of foliage, abscission of leaves, dying shoots and reduced fruit size and yield.

Managing difficult soilborne oomycete diseases like Phytophthora root rot requires powerful fungicides and proactive disease management. Orondis® fungicide recharges trees and protects developing citrus root systems by reducing the number of viable Phytophthora propagules in the soil. The result is stronger root development and healthier trees.

A comparison photos shows the advantages in root health and mass of roots treated with Orondis fungicide over untreated.
Citrus roots in the top image were treated with Orondis® fungicide at the University of California Riverside in 2016. Citrus roots in the bottom image were untreated.

Managing citrus groves to their highest potential requires effective, consistent control from root to fruit. Protecting your groves with Orondis fungicide may improve root mass, facilitate better water and nutrient use, improve root health and ultimately increase your marketable yield potential.

For additional information about how Orondis can help you manage and prevent the spread of damaging diseases in your citrus groves, reach out to your Syngenta representative.

April 2024 | By Syngenta Thrive
  • Disease-spreading pathogens like Phytophthora can sneak up on your trees.
  • Root damage begins below the soil and spreads to affect the entire tree if left untreated.
  • Orondis® fungicide helps growers manage difficult soilborne oomycete diseases and supports a healthy fibrous root system.