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Save Trips, Time and Money with the Right Fungicide-Insecticide Tank Mix

Tank-mixing a long-lasting insecticide with a plant health fungicide helps fight key disease and insect pests.

Time is money when it comes to growing soybeans. You want to get the most bang for your buck from your field, and that means being efficient with your time and applications. As you’re evaluating your in-season crop protection plan, get the most value out of your foliar inputs by tank-mixing a long-lasting insecticide with a powerful fungicide.

Applying a fungicide-insecticide tank mix to soybeans is an effective way to cut down time and fuel investment, and applying the right fungicide-insecticide tank mix may also help boost potential yield and ROI. A recent Syngenta trial shows adding an insecticide, like Endigo® ZCX, to a fungicide, like Miravis® Neo or Miravis Top, can boost yield over using the fungicide alone and over untreated acres.

Chart showing the $18.25 Average ROI of fungicide-insecticide tank mix over fungicide alone
Breakeven return on investment (ROI)*: Product cost = $7.75/A; soybean price $13/bu = ~ 0.6 bu/A. Data from 21 replicated trials from 2018-2022; IA (4), IL (4), IN (4), KS (1), KY (4), MO (1), NE (2), TN (1). Applied at R1. ROI based on the addition of Endigo ZCX to the fungicide product and application cost.

Endigo ZCX is a great solution for long-lasting residual control of pests like stinkbugs, soybean aphids, grasshoppers and Japanese beetles. The value is even greater when combined with plant health fungicides like Miravis Neo or Miravis Top that help fight key diseases like frogeye leaf spot and help plants yield their best even under drought stress.

Talk to your local Syngenta representative or retailer to learn more about your tank-mix options and choosing the right products for your operation. Or, visit to see local fungicide trial results near you.

February 2024 | by syngenta thrive
  • Maximize the value of foliar inputs with fungicide-insecticide tank mixes.
  • Soybean yield potential may increase when you tank-mix fungicides and insecticides.
  • Tank-mixing allows for efficient use of your time.