Field Insights

The Attribute II Trait Stack Delivers Key Benefits to Sweet Corn Varieties

TripleSweet corn varieties with the Attribute II Trait Stack offers a range of characteristics to meet grower needs and consumer demands.

The Attribute® II trait stack is available in a number of TripleSweet® corn varieties with different characteristics to meet grower needs and consumer demands:

  • Remedy is a BC0805-type sweet corn with improved insect resistance through the Attribute II trait stack. With consistently high yields, Remedy produces long ears with tender, sweet kernels for excellent eating quality. This bicolor variety reaches maturity in approximately 82 days to meet grower needs.
  • Milky Way is a white variety that is well-suited for local and roadside markets in the Midwest and Northeast and reaches maturity in approximately 82 days. Protected by the Attribute II trait stack, Milky Way offers growers and consumers excellent ears to meet market expectations with outstanding eating quality and consistent yields.
  • Aspire is a yellow variety ideal for main-season plantings in the Midwest and Northeast. Aspire sweet corn can reach maturity in approximately 80 days for earlier harvest. With built-in Attribute II protection against key lepidopteran pests and tolerance to glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides, Aspire offers growers the opportunity to maximize marketable ears.