Field Insights

Yield Results Show Consistency and High Performance With NK

During this past year with all its challenges, NK top-of-the-line corn and soybean seed resulted in better performance than competing products.

Corn and soybean yield results show NK® hybrids consistently performed under varied pest pressure — from corn rootworm to tar spot — and under extreme conditions, including damaging winds and drought. In particular, the new NK Field Forged Series products demonstrated their worth in field trials by consistently topping competitor products.

As yield-robbing problems pervaded cornfields this season, top-of-the-line NK corn genetics demonstrated resilience. NK hybrids were particularly successful against tar spot.

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Cover image: Matt Dolch (left), Syngenta district manager for the western Corn Belt and NK retail channel, and Mike Egger (right), master seed adviser at Central Valley Ag Cooperative in York, Nebraska, work together to provide seed options to fit grower needs. Photography by Syngenta.