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2020 FarMore Vision Award Recognizes Commitment to Protecting Seeds

Kamterter Products, L.L.C., the 2020 FarMore Vision Award winner, has consistently provided vital services to the seed treatment industry.

Kamterter Products, L.L.C., won the 2020 FarMore® Vision Award for its dedication in providing essential support to the seed treatment industry. Kamterter, an independently owned product development and seed enhancement service company based in Waverly, Nebraska, brings a new generation of seed priming, seed lot refinement, and seed coating technologies and services to the industry.

“Kamterter is honored to receive this award,” says Chris Petersen, president and director of research at Kamterter. “As a seed enhancement and coating service provider, Kamterter has a primary mission of helping those involved in the fruit and vegetable industry get the most value from their seeds.”

Shawn Potter, head of marketing for Syngenta Seedcare, adds, “Partnerships with companies like Kamterter help us deliver on our promise to bring innovative technology to the field.”

December 2021 | By Christina Beckett / Photography from Getty Images