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New Digital Resource Provides Growers with Local Fungicide Data

Syngenta introduces Miravis brands performance hub to aid soybean growers in making data-driven decisions.

Unpredictable disease pressure is a concern each season, but when equipped with the right tools, soybean growers can fight back.

To help growers make informed input decisions, Syngenta is introducing the Miravis® brand performance hub to showcase how Syngenta fungicides stack up against competitive brands and untreated acres.

Using this online tool, growers will be able to explore local fungicide trials by crop and state and see how Miravis brand fungicides performed in environments similar to their own.

With this new resource, Southern soybean growers in particular will see the proof in the performance of one of the top Syngenta fungicides — Miravis Top.


We want to empower growers to make data-driven decisions when it comes to their disease control.

Tyler Harp Fungicide Technical Product Lead at Syngenta

“We want to empower growers to make data-driven decisions when it comes to their disease control,” says Tyler Harp, fungicide technical product lead at Syngenta. “That’s why we created this performance hub. Now, Southern soybean growers can see how Miravis Top fungicide performed in their region with the environmental and disease pressures they face.”

Proven Performance

Specifically engineered with these growers in mind, Miravis Top fungicide is built to provide superior disease control, resistance management and longevity that growers can count on.

Miravis Top contains two powerhouse active ingredients, ADEPIDYN® technology and difenoconazole, to shut down difficult diseases including strobilurin-resistant and susceptible frogeye leaf spot, Septoria brown spot and target spot. Even in the toughest conditions, Miravis Top is proven to help increase profit potential.

“We’ve conducted trials throughout South, and Miravis Top is consistently beating the competition in yield and crop quality and at a lower cost per day of control1,” says Harp. “Plus, we’ve seen Miravis Top deliver an 8 bu/A average increase over untreated2.”

Protect Profit Potential

Due to projected higher market prices, more soybean acres are being planted this season than previous years, which is why Harp encourages growers to help protect their investment with a fungicide like Miravis Top.

“Especially since prices are high, you’ll want to take the steps necessary to maximize yield potential and help reduce the risk of loss,” says Harp. “A fungicide application may lead to more bushels, and more bushels helps give you the most return on investment potential.”

As the window for fungicide applications narrows, growers in turn are approaching their last chance to protect their soybeans with Miravis Top, which is where the performance hub comes in, says Harp.

“If you’re still on the fence about a fungicide, visit our performance hub and see the data for yourself,” says Harp. “When you look at the trials in your region, you’ll see the value Miravis Top could add to your operation.”

To find trials from your region, visit the Miravis brands performance hub at, or contact your local Syngenta sales representative for more information on Miravis Top.

1Cost per residual is based on product cost per acre and average days of residual control, which may vary by geography and other factors.

2199 COI and on farm grower/strip trials. Application rate and timing: Miravis Top 13.7 fl. oz/A applied at R3. AR, KY, LA, MS and TN contain some replicated trials. AR (39), IL (55), IN (11), KS (6), KY (1), LA (27), MO (26), MS (22), TN (12); 2020.