Community & Culture

Agriculture’s Commitment to Bringing Human Potential to Life

Syngenta embraces a diverse exchange of ideas and perspectives, which feeds the spirit of community agriculture is known for.

As the agricultural community focuses on feeding the world, we must also focus on feeding the spirit of community, feeding the spirit of creativity and feeding the spirit of innovation.

Since our inception, the values-driven approach to everything we do at Syngenta is a hallmark of our dynamic culture and approach to agribusiness. The backbone of our business and operations is centered on people and the range of needs of our communities and partners.

Our values-driven approach extends to our belief that communities that embrace and celebrate diversity and inclusion to the broadest extent create a truly equitable agricultural community. As we consider our approach to people and partners like you, we believe the diverse exchange of ideas and perspectives feeds the spirit of community for which agriculture is known. When we embrace each other fully, we feed the spirit of creativity. When we leverage difference to generate solutions, we feed the spirit of innovation. The combined power of community, creativity and innovation enables us to fully bring human potential to life.

As the agricultural community widens its embrace of equity, diversity and inclusion, we would all do well to look for ways to broaden our perspectives. Lean into conversation and different points of view with a desire to learn. Engage difference as an opportunity to grow rather than as a barrier to collaboration. Agriculture has always been a community that contains a brilliant amount of diversity. We must embrace each other to overcome the most pressing challenges facing us today. Our mission of feeding the world is a charge that involves us all, and we thank you for your partnership in helping us execute this mission daily. We look forward to engaging the future of agriculture, together.

Brandon Gregory Bell, M.Ed.
Diversity and Inclusion Lead
Syngenta North America

Cover Image: Brandon Gregory Bell, M.ED. Photography by Bert Vanderveen.